Lamine Yamal’s goal for the ages shows best of Spain’s generational talent | Sid Lowe

Winger curls in a brilliant equaliser, breaking a major tournament record Pelé has held since the 1958 World Cup

Can’t drink, can’t smoke. Can’t drive, can’t vote. Can curl a football into the top corner. On the big stage and in the biggest game for a generation. His generation, and maybe this really will be his. Step forward, Lamine Yamal Nasraoui Ebana, son of Sheila from Equatorial Guinea and Mounir from Morocco, raised in Rocafonda, Mataró: postcode 08304. Forward, to the left, to the right, to the left again. And then, that: a for ever moment that carried a country into a final and a new era.

On the eve of this semi-final, Adrien Rabiot warned that the fourth-year schoolkid who arrived in Germany with homework to do, exams to pass and a Euros to win, who had created more chances and more assists than anyone, would have to do “more” if Spain were to find a way past France.

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