Atlético Madrid v Inter: Champions League last 16, second leg – live

Champions League updates, 8pm GMT kick-off (first leg: 0-1)Live scoreboard | And you can contact Daniel by mail or on X

Football is demanding. We didn’t always know it, thanks largely to its HARD MEN and LEADERS OF MEN, able to effortlessly conceal their feelings from everyone, including themselves. Nowadays, though, our enlightened selves are entirely unsurprised when a manager turns it in citing the pressure of a job whose stresses are fathomable only in their unfathomableness unfathomability inability to be fathomed.

All of which makes Diego Simeone even more a marvel of psychological engineering than we previously discerned, his smouldering, explosive fury somehow nourishing and invigorating, rather than exhausting and tormenting. On the one hand, people love to be loved and perform best when relaxed; on the other, fancy returning to his dressing room having served up a 2/10?

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