Euro 2024 Daily | The one thing lacking was a true underdog. Enter Georgia

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The group stages of Euro 2024 are over, and what fun it’s been. There have been long-range screamers and last-minute winners. Thrilling young superstars have emerged, and legions of fans have brought colour and joy to every ground. England have also taken part. The one thing lacking was a true underdog story, a team for neutrals to rally behind. Aside from the melee of Group E and Austria (who are nobody’s underdogs) topping Group D, the final standings are not far off what most of us might have guessed at the start.

As the attacker begins his 87th feint in his run-up … new Ifab rules for penalties in 2026: goalkeepers must have their backs turned at the time of the shot. In case of a save, an indirect free-kick” – France keeper Mike Maignan gets fresh and funky after being told his penalty save from Robert Lewandowski didn’t count, leading to a retake which whistled past him after the striker took an age tap-dancing his way to the ball.

I have lived here on the Silver Coast 60km north of Lisbon for 15 years. By now I am a familiar face in the local town and just this morning my barber saw me and dashed out of his salon to gleefully tell me how dreadful England are. So I was especially pleased with the Portugal v Georgia result. I think I will go for a haircut today” – Martin Reece.

Your comments about Glastonbury not showing the England men’s football team on Sunday (yesterday’s Euro 2024 Daily, full email edition), brought to mind a similar circumstance at the Cambridge Folk Festival two years ago. The Lionesses were playing the second half of their Euros final when Billy Bragg was due on the main stage. He’d watched the first half and was just managing to hold it together when he suddenly said: ‘That England flag is really distracting.’ He then explained he was really nervous and asked if he could have a score update. A few minutes later a ripple went around the crowd and we knew they’d won. Billy then led us in a rendition of what should be our English anthem, Jerusalem. It was wonderful” – Jane Beer.

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