Euro 2024 Daily | Why Scotland might have to stomach a second dose of Euros heartbreak

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The most Scottish thing about it is that even though they’ve been eliminated from the tournament, things can still get even worse for Steve Clarke, his players and the Tartan Army. Spain beating Albania is far from unthinkable. Italy beating Croatia is far from unthinkable. Portugal beating Georgia is far from unthinkable. Denmark beating Serbia is far from unthinkable. Turkey beating the Czech Republic is far from unthinkable. And England thrashing Slovenia is – look, go with us on this one – far from unthinkable.

There is no such thing as fear in football. No place for it, no reason for it either” – Alessandro Bastoni, the Chuck Norris of the Italy camp.

‘It was 100% a penalty’ Steve Clarke said, somehow forgetting to add ‘but only if you ignore Stuart Armstrong pulling the shirt of Willi Orban (which sounds like an insult against the Hungarian prime minister) beforehand’. It’s almost as though he wants to fuel a sense of injustice and detract away from Scotland’s first shot on target, in a game they needed to win, only occurring in the 97th minute” – Noble Francis.

Some highlights of Euro 2024 so far. 1) CR7 passed in front of the goal. 2) CR7 passed in front of the goal. 3) CR7 passed in front of the goal. 4) CR7 passed in front of the goal” – Krishna Moorthy.

Re: Antony Train’s splendid suggestion about geographical features on shirts (Friday’s letters). I’d also suggest including archaeological sites. That way Stonehenge could perfectly reflect whatever England formation put out: A rough arrangement of statuesque figures, defying all expert analysis, as no one can quite figure out how they got there or what their purpose was in the first place” – Justin Kavanagh.

I wonder whether any of your resident geniuses can inform me about the amazing ball repellent that infects the corner flag quadrant. No one ever places the ball in the quadrant any more … why? Is it for fear that it will be ejected, or explode releasing poison gas or party streamers. What? If I can get hold of some of the stuff, I’m hoping it is also a dog repellent so as to stop horrid owners letting their dogs poop on my front lawn, and walk away without cleaning up” – Richard Fernandez (this should help, Richard – Euro 2024 Daily Ed).

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