Euro 2024: semis arrive with Spain v France, plus England and Netherlands news – live

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The coach joked that a Swedish journalist must be “French really, disguised as Swedish” when it was put to him that, with the quality of players at his disposal, his France team are dull. “If you’re getting bored, watch another game,” he said. “You don’t have to watch – it’s fine. It’s a special Euros. It’s very difficult for everyone, with fewer goals. It hasn’t been the same as in the past, but we share the desire to make French men and women happy through the results we have been getting, especially in a period that has been hard for our country. But if the Swedish are getting bored, it doesn’t bother me much.”

The French manager Didier Deschamps hit back at critics in a recent press conference. “If you’re getting bored, watch another game,” he said.

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