Football Daily | All eyes on the Premier League title race – including you, Jürgen Klopp!

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After playing out 90 largely uneventful minutes last Sunday that left the fans, managers and players of both teams largely satisfied and everyone else who witnessed it moaning about how tedious the whole enterprise had been, Manchester City and Arsenal are both back in action. Luckily for those with no greyhound in the Premier League title race, they’re up against different teams, rather than each other, so we can probably expect Arsenal to be considerably less cagey in their approach to their game against Luton at the Emirates. While losing against the Hatters just a few days after leaving the Etihad with a potentially priceless point would be peak Arsenal, that team belongs to a time before Mikel Arteta took over and solidified the backbone of a squad that had previously been made of jelly.

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