France v Poland: Euro 2024 – live

Group D match in Dortmund kicks off at 5pm (BST)Netherlands v Austria – live with Barry GlendenningShare your thoughts with Scott via email

While there’ll be no Scotland-style heartbreak at the end of this game, with France already through and Poland already eliminated, there is still some jeopardy. Let Uefa’s official literature explain, because they’re the ones making this group stage so complicated after all.

France will be through to the round of 16 in the top two if they avoid defeat against Poland or if Austria do not beat Netherlands. France will win the group if they win and Netherlands do not. If France and Netherlands both win or both draw they will be split for first and second place by overall goal difference, then overall goals scored, then disciplinary points, then European Qualifiers rankings. Similarly if Netherlands and France both lose, they will be split for second and third place by the same criteria.

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