Liverpool v Brighton: Premier League – live

Premier League updates from the 2pm BST kick-off at AnfieldLive scoreboard | And feel free to email Simon about the game

Jurgen Klopp has a chat with Sky:

I didn’t think a second about the other game, to be honest, it’s just about us. It’s always a challenge when the boys are coming back [from an international break] to find a common way again. We had a day more, I hope we use that properly. The opponent is strong, they’re different to all other teams in the league. It’s interesting, I’m looking forward to it, but it’s a challenge.

Brighton are a possession-based team. They struggle from time to time defensively but when you have the ball like they have, you have a formation like they have, we had not enough possession against them in the other games because that’s the best way to deal with them – we told the boys it would be cool if they had the ball more. I like preparing for these games. It hasn’t worked out recently but the longer you don’t win against these guys the more likely you do win the next one.

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