The day our Scotland team reached the over-50s world final – by beating England

Just as I thought my 11-a-side days were over, I found myself playing for Scotland on the beautiful island of Koh Samui

By Colin Leslie for Nutmeg magazine

Six thousand miles from home, the stage is set for another instalment in world football’s oldest rivalry – Scotland v England. It doesn’t matter what age group, what level, this is a fixture that stirs the soul. In this particular instance, on a paradise island in Thailand, it is two teams of over-50s players – most in the nae hair or grey hair category – who are preparing to do battle in what is effectively a world semi-final.

For Scotland, a draw would be enough to clinch a place in the prestigious Koh Samui International Masters final against tournament favourites Iran. But in the build-up, in the dressing room, and now in the tunnel, not one of these pumped-up Scots is willing to countenance a draw. In the veteran ranks, victory has never been secured against England – a frustrating run stretching back to 2011. Now looks the perfect time to put that record straight.

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