Wolves v Coventry: FA Cup quarter-final – live

Updates from the 12.15pm GMT kick-off at MolineuxFA Cup quarter-finals: what to look out for this weekend

Hello and welcome to live, minute-by-minute coverage of the first FA Cup quarter-final between Wolves and Coventry. It’s the only game in the last eight that doesn’t involve a Big club, and for that we should be grateful. Those games have their own appeal but so does this – no entitlement, a healthy amount of innocence and the chance to do something special.

Coventry haven’t reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup since they won it so magically in 1987. Wolves have only done so twice since 1981, and they haven’t played in a final since they won the competition in 1960. That’s a realistic ambition this year, especially given their record and performances against the aforementioned Big sides.

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