England fans thrilled for Saka and bask in ‘bucket-list’ shootout victory at Euros

Supporters salute Gareth Southgate’s competitive recordWin over Switzerland proves an ‘unbelievable experience’

It was the early afternoon after the night before and Düsseldorf’s Altstadt had returned to something like normality. The streets were largely clear, there were brass bands parping in the square, and sitting quietly and heavy-lidded in the restaurants were the remnants of England’s travelling army.

After England’s nerveless victory over Switzerland, during the penalty shootout at least, the Three Lions have gone back to their base in Blankenhain to prepare for Wednesday’s semi-final against the Netherlands. For many of the supporters, meanwhile, tens of thousands of whom were in the city for the game, their tournament is over. The airport was calling, but with a few extra memories tucked inside the hand luggage.

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