England look terrified and they have no functioning midfield | Barney Ronay

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Declan Rice had no chemistry in this formation. Was it ever likely to work, simply slotting in a talented passer?

In the search for positives from an afternoon of ghost football in Frankfurt, you did at least have to give England one thing. This team has so far shown complete electoral neutrality in Germany. England are both laboured and conservative. Is there time to fix it?

Two things about this England team leap out at this stage. Frankly, they look like atomised, shot, terrified. And second, the most obvious problem England have had is a complete lack of centre ground. This is a tournament semi-favourite without a functioning midfield. It is something Gareth Southgate took into this tournament, tinkered with, worried away at, and which he has not been able to fix.

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