Euro 2024 Daily | Can 11 Englishmen be on the same pitch without looking confused?

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The debate that used to dominate the hot England narrative was always about whether midfield tyros Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard could work together in the centre of the park. The answer was generally “no” but it still got England to the quarter finals in most tournaments. Thankfully – a difficult word to say, just ask Stephen Warnock – things have moved on and the big question is: can 11 Englishman be on the same pitch without looking completely disjointed and confused?

“Maybe I needed to give them more rest. Probably more days off because we gave them a day and a half [off] and thought that was the right decision after looking at the GPS data, but there was too much of a gulf. We were constantly stretched and never able to squeeze the gaps” – Italy boss Luciano Spalletti blames himself for overworking his players before the 1-0 defeat by Spain and gets us wondering just how far he had them running if they were being measured by a global positioning tracker.

Despite England’s latest pitiful performance, it’s good to see that Big Website’s Countdown winning (on eight consecutive occasions, no less) football writer Jonathan Liew managed to entertain himself by writing a paragraph of his match report without using the letter ‘a’. As it happens, at the same time, I was also so bored out of my mind that I also tried writing about England but without using the letter ‘c’, although sadly I couldn’t get beyond the first line” – Noble Francis.

Watching Slovenia I noticed they have mountains on the shirts as they are quite an alpine nation. Not enough geographical features on shirts in my humble opinion. Maybe England could follow and put rivers full of [beep – Euro 2024 Bad Words Daily Ed) on their shirts?” – Antony Train.

Are you sure Ossie Ardiles (Thursday’s Quote of the Day) wasn’t confused and was actually at, well, any game England has played of late” – Paul Arnold.

Does Gary Neville going to Berlin to act as a pundit for the Euros qualify as one of his mini-retirements?” – Martyn Shapter.

The only thing better than the Swiss fan getting hit in the mush during the Scotland game [Thursday’s letters] is the same clip, with the ‘boing’ bit of the Grandstand theme added” – Jim Hearson.

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