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“Of course I [effed] up,” sings Black Sherif in his classic single Kweku the Traveller. “Who never [effed up], hands in the air … no hands.” And, though he wasn’t singing about England he could’ve been, because if there’s one thing of which the last couple of weeks have reminded us, it’s that we all make mistakes, all of the time – sometimes massive ones which unnecessarily and gratuitously harm ourselves and those around us. This, though is part of what it means be human – the trick is be honest and brave in evaluating our lapses before being honest enough and brave enough to leave them behind in favour of something better.

So, it’s come to this. That long-awaited time for fatuous national comparisons is here. Sunday night is all about pie versus paella, Rioja to enduring Rio’s analysis, the rain in Spain measured against the flow from Old Trafford’s roof, Flamenco countering cries of ‘Flamin’ Nora’, the Costa Blanca or the cost of living, olé against Ollie and loads of bull on both sides” – Mark McFadden.

Betteridge’s law of newspaper headlines states that ‘any headline that ends in a question mark can simply be answered by the word no’. Apropos of nothing, in The Scotsman …” – Noble Francis.

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