Euro 2024 Daily | Fans miss out on the quintessential Scotland tournament experience

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As humans, our brains are hardwired to tell us stories about our lives – with us as the matinee idol main character, of course – such that there’s an entire academic subject and therapeutic industry devoted to unpicking them. And this intensifies for those of us who are football fans, our teams – by amazing coincidence – crystallising aspects of our personal character and our countries crystallising aspects of our national character.

Scotland vs Switzerland. What a terrible terrible game it was. How can two teams play so bad? No idea going forward. Pelé, immortal words: Football is the beautiful game … You must be joking” – Ossie Ardiles tweets his verdict on events in Cologne.

Re: yesterday’s News, Bits and Bobs, full email edition. Pickle juice for England players, eh? Perhaps time to call up Dean Gerken” – Andy Korman.

Maybe just Wispa it but I wonder if that Cadbury’s Jude Bellingham shirt (yesterday’s News, Bits and Bobs, full email edition) will give England a Boost? Jordan Pickford will need to make sure he gets his Fingers to everything Denmark throw at us. It won’t be a Picnic in the park. Hopefully everything comes up smelling of Roses and they get to ride a Double Decker to Trafalgar Square as Heroes. OK, I need a Time Out after all that” – Antony Train [you and us both – Euro 2024 Daily letters Ed].

Could I suggest their next project might be constructing a series of giant chocolate teapots? There are so many potential recipients in football who richly deserve one – perhaps they can start with the Premier League, for services to Financial Fair Play and VAR?” – Steve Malone.

The Scotland-Switzerland match was illuminated by one moment of brilliance. No, not Shaqiri’s goal – it was the ball smacking a Swiss fan right in the kisser. Kudos to the nearby Scot who didn’t even blink” – Mark McFadden.

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