Euro 2024 Daily | Luka Modric and a plea for him to ‘never retire’ that we can all get behind

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You’ve probably already seen the post-match photo of Luka Modric doing the rounds. Fresh after his player-of-the-match performance in Croatia’s last-gasp draw with Italy that cruelly denied his country second place in Group B and qualification to the Euro 2024 knockout stages, Modric has the hollow look of a squire on a medieval tapestry, skewered by some sort of sword, a thousand-yard stare normally reserved for Glastonbury goers making their way back to reality on a Monday morning after a long, hard festival. One eye on what has come before, one eye on what is to come.

We’re getting soaked. It’s like being at the Ally Pally” – Danny Murphy is the latest victim of fans throwing full pints of Tin in the air when a goal is scored at the Euros. On this occasion it was Luka Modric who caused the BBC co-commentator to get drenched.

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