Euro 2024 Daily | Superstars wearing the expression of it being one of those days

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Sometimes, it’s hard to be the main man. And it’s thus far been a mixed Euros for the alphas. Luka Modric got enveloped in Rodri’s spider’s web. Toni Kroos’s month-long mic drop began with giving John McGinn the pure runaround. Memphis Depay’s attempt to look and act like legendary NBA maverick Allan Iverson saw him overshadowed by big Wout Weghorst once the getting-it-launched button was pushed. Christian Eriksen staged that beautiful Lazarus moment then ran out of gas in the manner that marred his second season at Manchester United.

Just wondering how you feel about D Man assisting for Romania at the Euros? I presume he got sick of having to supervise your ‘work’ and moved on to better things” – Patrick Fahy.

With all the talk about complexities such as positional versus relational (or whatever it is), you can understand if footballers sometimes forget the basics these days. Obviously, Ukraine can be forgiven more than most for having other things on their mind. Perhaps they should enlist a certain stalwart of Nominative Determinism FC and simply Mark D Man?” – Mark Read.

It’s often said the war between Britain and Spain was caused by Jenkin’s Ear. Who knows what will happen from the War Of Mbappé’s Nose?” – Kev McCready.

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