Euro 2024 diary: pastry hunting in Frankfurt and marching miles with England fans

Our roving reporter takes in the sights, sounds and food of Germany during the second week of Euro 2024

Gelsenkirchen and the day of my first England match at an international tournament since Ronaldinho sent David Seaman on to his backside in Shizuoka 22 years ago (gulp). This game was a degree less noteworthy and, instead, I’ll remember being part of a stream of thousands of fans forced to march four miles in the pouring rain due to a lack of transport from station to stadium. With most still drinking and even more requiring emergency toilet breaks on the side of a dual carriageway we all made it, even the guy who exclaimed in the saddest voice I have heard upon clocking a road sign: “How can it still be 2.5km to go?”

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