Football Daily | Emma Hayes’ long goodbye and the farewell tour narrative

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A little over a month ago the Chelsea women’s team were still in contention for a quadruple, but now the odds are massively stacked against them winning any shiny pots at all. It is a scenario that seemed utterly unthinkable when their charismatic manager announced in November she’d be taking herself through the door marked “Do One” come season’s end, but on Wednesday night even Emma Hayes conceded it is one that is almost certain to come to pass. No stranger to adversity on and off the field, Hayes has suffered a series of setbacks since it was revealed she was off to take charge of USA USA USA. Always fond of an eff and a jeff on the touchline, blue has been the colour of the air over assorted technical areas in which she has stood watching her team get knocked out of three different cup competitions and all but relinquish their stranglehold on the Women’s Super League title, capped by losing a seven-goal thriller at Liverpool. With the finishing line very much in sight, the WSL title – like its men’s equivalent – is now Manchester City’s to lose.

As an Ipswich fan of 50 years, the key achievement of the last two seasons is not breaking numerous goalscoring and points records, gaining one – and potentially two – promotions back to back on a meagre budget (by Championship standards) or playing swashbuckling football, but an article in Football Daily. Truly, this is the Promised Land” – Richard Bradshaw.

Nearly choked on my cuppa when yesterday’s Football Daily waffled on about Ipswich and talk of reaching the Premier League with back-to-back promotions. Big Website and the Daily never miss a chance to remind us of the fact football existed before the Premier League arrived and liberalised yet another national institution. But here you were making a few comparisons since the coming of the PL. What a load of cobblers. Northampton Town did it as well on their way to the old Division One, completing a round trip from the fourth tier and back in nine years” – Dave Gibson.

Re: yesterday’s Memory Lane, full email edition. Garry Birtles is far from the only European Cup-winning player to see their career stall at Manchester United. He just happened to be 40 years ahead of his time” – Ed Taylor.

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