Football Daily | Welsh woes and a Paul Bodin moment for the modern age

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As the reverberations of Wales’s Euro 2024 playoff final defeat by Poland echo through the air, questions will arise, each more uncomfortable than the last, for Rob Page to ponder, as he reflects on having hopes of qualification dashed. Can they realistically stride forward into this post-Gareth Bale era, or are they doomed to dwell in the shadow of the golf legend’s glory days? Yet, in the immediate aftermath, introspection takes a backseat to the collective Welsh groans and finger-pointing.

L*ton T*wn’s b@ntertastic request to Coldplay to change the name of their hit single to Orange (yesterday’s Football Daily) got this Hornet thinking. Sure, We Never Change, because Yes, we’ve sacked at least 42 managers – a higher number than there are Cemeteries of London – since Daybreak. And of course I Shiver and tell myself Don’t Panic when I even consider the possibility that L*ton might stay up. But rest assured, Sparks will fly if the Dirgecore legends even think about changing the name of a song that is obviously a WFC tribute. And if Deeney finds out, you can bet there’ll be Troy-ble” – Mac Millings.

Ah, Football Daily. If only we could Fix You” – James Yelland.

On Big Website, Kobbie Mainoo is described as being ‘a cross between a No 6 and a No 8’. Now, I am getting on a bit and, to me, that means both a left half and an inside right. Confusing. I hope I am not the only reader who would benefit from a lesson in this new-fangled terminology and that an explanation would raise our limited enjoyment of the tea-timely email” – George Kirk (and no others who are asking the wrong tea-timely email).

Lovely to see the sweet style of a David Beckham 1998 free-kick in yesterday’s Memory Lane (full email edition) and the big hair on Carlos Valderrama. Can never forget that he was the only player I’ve seen carried off, knacked on a stretcher, before coming back on to play the rest of the match” – Clive Brown.

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