Has a footballer ever made a marriage proposal during a match? | The Knowledge

Plus: managers taking charge of every club they played for and ‘winners’ after the 96th minute that turn out not to be winners

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Josh Cavallo proposing to his now fiance in Adelaide United’s empty stadium got me thinking: has a player ever popped the question during a match? And did the proposee say yes?” wonders Jack Hayward.

Some superb answers were sent in on this one, so thanks to Joran and Corentine Hatfield for bringing the romance back into our lives. “Let’s first set the atmosphere,” begins Joran, self confessed fan of football and love. “Standard Liège’s magnificent stadium was full as an egg (as the saying goes in Belgium), on 24 October 2022. The “clasico” against Anderlecht is the most important fixture of the season for Liège fans. Standard were winning 3-1 but the game was stopped around the 60th minute, because of Anderlecht supporters throwing fire on the pitch.

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