‘I’m just having fun’: Mohammed Kudus on goals, Ghana and his celebrations

West Ham’s bewitching talent is lighting up the Premier League, but the Ghanaian remembers his humble beginnings

Some defenders bounce off Mohammed Kudus and most end up bewitched by his footwork. West Ham’s Ghanaian sensation is an intriguing mix of strength, skill and imagination. His technique makes him one of the most dangerous players in the Premier League but Kudus believes his steely edge owes much to his upbringing in Nima, a place that teaches you to stand up for yourself from an early age.

“Mentally it’s a very tough area,” he says. “You have to be very tough to live there. If you are soft people walk on you. It has an impact on how I play. In 50-50 challenges I don’t want to lose it. I work on my body and make sure I am very strong on the ball.”

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