Jeers turn to cheers as happy England fans call truce with Gareth Southgate

Manager’s name booed before kick-off but by the end supporters respond to his applause and show their support

These are the moments you wait for as a supporter. Yes, it was a 2-1 victory scraped together against a Slovakia team who had run of steam a half hour earlier. Yes the 94 minutes prior were riddled with moments that went from frustrating to infuriating. But to come out and win and to win like that; suddenly – and for a short moment – anything feels possible.

The turnaround inside the Arena AufSchalke is challenging to describe. The sheer shift in scale was astronomical. There had been whistles and jeers and a sense of a bubbling up, at 1-0 down and with seconds to go. The sense that this could be Iceland on steroids, vituperation in excelsis, was building. But then, instead, a roar; a roar that was surprise as much as relief and delight.

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