Klaus Gjasula strikes late after own goal to snatch Albania draw with Croatia

Just when it seemed they had done it again, when it seemed they had somehow ridden out the storm to find an implausible win, Klaus Gjasula, the substitute whose own goal seemed to have given Croatia victory, found an equaliser. A remarkable game ended in a draw greeted with euphoria by Albania, but which at half-time would have seemed a dreadful disappointment.

Croatia had lost to Spain. They had been largely outplayed by a younger and sharper Albania side in the first half. But they have a capacity to hang in games and tournaments until their talent eventually blossoms. At half-time here there seemed a very real possibility they could go out in the group stage. Albania deserved their lead. But something always happens: Argentina try to play a high press with Nicolás Otamendi, Scotland panic at the thought of at last getting out of a group, Romelu Lukaku suffers one of the all-time days of profligacy, Gjasula scores a ludicrous own goal. For once, though, that was not the end of the story.

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