Refereeing furore colours big Old Firm moment for Rangers against Celtic

Champions enter capacity Ibrox where Philippe Clement has stoked expectations that title orthodoxy can be overturned

That Scotland’s top flight is in danger of looking competitive should douse some of the frenzy attached to the third Old Firm clash of the season. “Should” being the operative term. There remains no prospect of a team beyond Celtic or Rangers winning the Premiership – a horribly grim reality – but this has been a campaign involving bloody noses inflicted by minnows.

Celtic have drawn five league games and lost three, with none of those stumbles coming against their oldest foes. Besides back-to-back derby defeats, Rangers have shipped points to Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and Motherwell. Scotland’s marquee fixture will not actually determine the championship’s destiny at all. Both teams will rue shortcomings elsewhere come May.

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