Rodri: ‘I always watch games back, alone. I find things I don’t remember’

The Spain and Manchester City midfielder talks about adapting to the English game, to Pep and why la selección are flourishing under Luis de la Fuente

It’s good to talk. Ask the man that Pep Guardiola says is “the best midfielder in the world, by far” and Spain coach Luis de la Fuente calls “the perfect computer” , the footballer one opponent described as a Rolls Royce, “a joy to even share a pitch with”, despite being defeated, and whose international captain reckons would have won the Ballon d’Or if he had just done the only thing he can’t do and won’t do either: sell himself. The man whose role, he says, is to “make my team work”, bringing “light”.

Which is why his teams work like no others, even if he says: “I’m very lucky to be at the club I am at and to be Spanish. I’m surrounded by great players, winning dynamics.”

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