When will the US produce a soccer coach who can win respect in England?

Jesse Marsch and Bob Bradley faced scepticism from many in the Premier League. But the antipathy wasn’t wholly deserved

Jesse Marsch had a point to make. He made it rather well and at length. Given a chance to be a pundit on Sky Sports’ flagship Monday Night Football last month, the Wisconsinite zoomed around the studio’s touchpad with the same zest he would expect of high-pressing players. His casual garb of stonewashed jeans and shiny white sneakers did not deflect from the fact that this was a presentation aimed at future employers, club owners; MNF has become a regular vehicle for unemployed managers to announce they are ready to work again.

“I love the Premier League and I love the power of what the league means globally, but honestly the true answer is I want to find like-minded people that are committed to developing people, relationships and building something,” he said. If Jamie Carragher occasionally harrumphed through the 45-minute coaching masterclass, little doubt was left that Marsch is detailed and has an authentic grasp on modern football.

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