Callum Styles: ‘Hungarian is not an easy language, but I’m trying my best’

Born in Bury and on the books at Barnsley, Styles is heading to Euro 2024 with Hungary after an unexpected phone call

Chicken noodle soup is not a traditional north Manchester dish but Callum Styles never thought of its significance when he was at his grandmother’s house as a child. Magdolena would often be on hand to feed Styles after school and her background was almost a mystery back then, but her journey from Hungary to England has created a new chapter in the family history.

Styles has gone from Burnley, via Bury and Barnsley, to Budapest in his short football career. This summer could involve a stop in Berlin. After finding out he was eligible to play for Hungary he explained this in the Oakwell Review match programme. It might even have been a throwaway line to offer up a fun fact about the lad from Middleton but it was picked up on in Hungary. Two years and 22 caps later he is part of the squad heading to the Euros.

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