Football Daily | Behold the international break – and a sepia-tinted one at that

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The international break is a time for reflection, contemplation, and relaxation. In an exhausting and expensive season of club and elite European competition, it is the chance to mentally steel yourself for the infamous “business end of the season”. Especially when it is an international break predominantly made up of meaningless friendlies – something of a sepia-tinted throwback these days – it is a time to let those meaningless results wash over you: embrace them, arms raised, eyes closed like a liberated Andy Dufresne in a sewage ditch or Jude Bellingham in front of an away end.

Come on Football Daily. Are you using the Memory Lane feature (full email edition) to check whether we’re reading to the end of your tea-timely ramblings and whether we are still conscious when we get there? After Friday’s Emlyn Hughes incident, yesterday’s was a century-old painting of a football match involving D1ck, Kerr Ladies at Burnley Cricket Ground from ‘February 2024’ – and not even its first appearance in that spot. It’s a good painting mind you, and at least you got the comma in the team’s title correct” – Katie Maddock (and 1,056 others).

You know how witty Football Daily readers glancingly suggest that certain events at a match (handbags, a crunching tackle, modest amounts of sh!thousery, etc) are something that true fans say they don’t like to see, but secretly do? Well, the calamity at the Trabzonspor match (yesterday’s Quote of the Day) really is something I don’t want to watch. Like, not ever” – Mike Wilner.

On the subject of Gareth Southgate playing decent players in the wrong positions, let’s hope he doesn’t see that picture of Harry Kane in what looks like a wing back chair” – Morgan Armstrong.

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