It’s party time in Germany with young stars Musiala and Wirtz calling the tune | Philipp Lahm

The host country’s expectations have been transformed, while fans of all 24 countries have brought colour to these Euros

This Euro tournament is inspiring. There had been only 10 minutes of the opening game when Florian Wirtz’s goal against Scotland completely set us all off. My seven-year-old daughter covered her ears because she thought it was too loud in the stadium. But she was comforted by a badge that a Scottish fan later gave her. This is now her treasure.

Since that opening night there has been a real party in Germany. A few days later I was in Dortmund for the match between Turkey and Georgia. The atmosphere was indescribable; I’ve rarely experienced anything like it. The fans from both sides pushed their team to the limit. Even those in the main stand stood up and you couldn’t look away for a second. I’m very happy to have been there.

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