Maintaining width is the key to England progressing past Switzerland | Karen Carney

Gareth Southgate’s side found success going wide against Slovakia. It can be a blueprint in their hunt for a semi-final berth

There are three simple ways of playing football: through, over and around. When one of those approaches is not working, it is upon a team to try one of the other two. Doing the same thing again and again in those circumstances is not advantageous because it becomes increasingly easy to defend against. England have found this out and it now looks as if they are going to change.

It has been clear throughout the European Championship that England have had issues with balance. The combination of Kieran Trippier and Phil Foden has not produced what Gareth Southgate might have hoped from an attacking perspective and a change of formation appears to be afoot. It looks likely Southgate will switch to a back three for the ­quarter-final against Switzerland on Saturday.

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