Nottingham Forest v Manchester City: Premier League – live

Updates from the 4.30pm GMT kick-off at the City GroundHave any thoughts? Send them to Daniel via email

Arsenal hang on, beating Spurs 3-2, and now top the table by four points. City, though they have two games in hand, now trail by nine in goal difference.

Email! “Good morning from Pittsburgh!” begins Eric Petersen. “Going out on a limb here, but I don’t think Nottingham Forest’s blowout loss in this one will be because of VAR. On the whole Mark Clattenburg soap opera, I’m surprised that Uefa or even Fifa hasn’t weighed in yet. It’s one thing to question the integrity of the game, yet another for a club official to do so, but Clattenburg is a one-time internationally accredited referee endorsing such allegations via his compensated employment at that club. Inexplicable and unforgivable. I’d suggest consideration of a lifetime ban from the game.”

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