‘Premium beef with a hint of tangy mustard’: Footy food gets a facelift as stadiums turn to high-end fare

Culinary delights were once reserved for members but a dining revolution has made going to sporting grounds about more than just the game

The revolution is here, and its smell hits first. The aroma of pizza wafts down from above gate five at Marvel Stadium, and Carlton aren’t even playing. In Sydney, the fragrance from a bowl of ricotta ravioli, tomato sugo and basil at Allianz Stadium accompanies the sight of Jared Waerea-Hargreaves devouring an opposing frontrower. Just fries and Four’N Twenty pies? Think again.

Food at Australian sporting grounds has transformed in recent years, as new spaces and vendors make going to a game not just about the footy. “Ultimately, whether they’re going to sport, out for dinner, or meeting with friends, you are competing for time and a share of people’s bandwidth for entertainment,” says Scott Fitzgerald, general manager at Marvel Stadium.

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