Rodrygo: ‘I play for Real Madrid and Brazil – I can never settle for losing’

The Brazil forward talks about mental health, online abuse, facing England and why Jude Bellingham is a ‘perfect fit’ at Real Madrid

“Time passes quickly and you’re happy and sad at the same time because it will all be over soon,” Rodrygo says with a maturity that belies his 23 years. The Real Madrid and Brazil forward has had to grow up quickly and no longer has the air of a youngster. Now he is the one who has to welcome the younger players into the Seleção squad.

“You have to be more focused and work harder to make history,” he says as we speak before Brazil’s game against England at Wembley on Saturday. “There are times when I think: ‘Damn it, I’m no longer the youngest in the team.’ When there are jokes, I’m no longer the first in line because there are younger players than me. But I can say I’m happy to have this experience. Even though I’m so young, I’m already treated like a mature person and I help the newcomers as much as I can.”

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