‘We’re getting drenched’: how beer and cup throwing has littered Euro 2024

Fans can take drink into the stands, leading to Gareth Southgate and Italy becoming targets of irate supporters

International tournaments are often described as “festivals of football”, but Euro 2024 has come to resemble something more like a rock festival as fans have taken to throwing beer and plastic pint glasses from the stands on to the field. Gareth Southgate became the latest target of a barrage as he went to acknowledge England’s discontented support after the 0-0 draw with Slovenia in Cologne on Tuesday night and the Football Association could face a disciplinary charge from Uefa as a result.

The organising body has chosen not to comment on a spate of projectile incidents, with fans allowed to buy beer in stadiums and take it into the stands. But it has handed out a series of punishments for throwing objects with Scotland, Serbia and Albania fined thousands of euros each. A decision on whether to charge England now lies with Uefa’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body.

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