England lose control and embrace the chaos to rise from the canvas again | Jonathan Liew

Southgate’s plans are in tatters but his side are in the semi-finals and none of it makes the slightest sense

It’s the second half of extra time, and about 107 minutes have been played, or maybe a couple, or maybe four months, it’s hard to tell. Eberechi Eze, who is now England’s left wing-back, dribbles out of his penalty area under pressure and pumps a long, hopeful, hopeless ball up the left flank.

Harry Kane, who is nothing if not eager to earn his 26th touch of the night, duly chases it. The angle is against him and there are no teammates remotely nearby, and Manuel Akanji is breathing all over his shoulder blades, but Kane manages to keep the ball in. And keeps going. Over the touchline, off his feet, and straight into the England dugout, where he is wrapped up by Gareth Southgate.

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