Football Daily | England’s curious lack of belief against the game’s most famous nation

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The year is 2002. It’s only 9am but you’ve already sunk two pints of industrial-strength lager. In his BBC commentary, John Motson has mentioned cornflakes at least three times. Ronaldinho is standing over a free-kick, with England and Brazil locked at 1-1 in their World Cup quarter-final, soon after Rivaldo’s clinical equaliser. This will be no trouble for the commanding figure of David Seaman in goal, right? Wrong. The seemingly innocuous ball arcs up from Ronaldinho’s boot, over the head of the statuesque Seaman, and nestles in the far corner of the net. Cafu, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho prance with delight by the corner flag. The history of England’s attempts to beat Brazil at football is thus summed up in a few bizarre seconds.

Social media disgrace talk of England’s new football shirt being ‘woke’ (yesterday’s Football Daily), which is so depressing that it almost makes me long for the annual ‘why isn’t James Maclean wearing a poppy’ debate, reminds me of the guy who said he tried watching The Sopranos but the first word he heard was ‘woke’, so he turned it off immediately” – Noble Francis.

Typical of total left-wing, woke cobblers, your ‘article’ illustrates how out of touch you are regarding the patriotic, yes patriotic sentiment surrounding the cherished St George’s flag. If you need this to be ‘explained’ you are dimmer than I thought. If your paper was free, I would only use it to wipe my bottom. Have a nice day” – Laurie Turner.

If Nike really wanted to boil some blood, they should have put the European Union flag on the collar. Da Iawn Cymru, by the way” – Anthony Salisbury.

Am I the only one who thinks the statue of Harry Kane (yesterday’s Football Daily) looks more like Martin Fry, front man of 1980s popsters ABC? Appropriate really, as it looks like it’s made of chocolate” – Richard Morganstern (and no others).

If they can’t find a place for Kane’s statue in north London, I’m sure a spot outside Carrow Road could be found. It would be quite appropriate after his loan spell in the fine city was spent mostly on the bench. The addition of a banjo as he stares wistfully into the distance for a cow’s backside would complete the picture of his time there” – David Branch.

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