Ethnic minority England fans at Euro 2024 still feel unsafe and excluded

There is representation from black and Asian communities in England’s travelling support but too many still feel isolated

After the Switzerland match, in a corner of the concourse under the Düsseldorf Arena, a number of England fans are lingering and celebrating. Some are cheering “Auf Wiedersehen” and waving mockingly at Swiss and German supporters. Others are singing their new chant, “There’ll be no Musiala in Berlin”, to the tune of 10 green bottles (or 10 German bombers, depending on your preference). All the supporters are white, but about 50 metres away stand two young black English fans from east London.

“What a game, what an incredible atmosphere,” says one, dressed in the current mauve England shirt. And how about those penalties? “Just unbelievable. Saka rolling it into the bottom corner. We were so happy for him.” Because of what happened at the last Euros? “Yeah, and in the last week. He’s been getting so much abuse online and it was just great to see him stick it to the haters.”

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