Uruguay v Colombia: Copa América 2024 semi-final – live

Latest score from 8pm ET kickoff at Bank of America StadiumMessi and Álvarez fire Argentina past Canada and into final

“Have you heard Bielsa’s short sermon about the state of the sport?” asks Kári Tulinius. “Personally, I think he’s right that football right now is not at its most thrilling, and that the only ones benefiting are the owners. However I do think, perhaps foolishly, that because of the game’s simplicity, that new ways of playing will emerge, which will churn the fetid waters of tactical orthodoxy. Of course, that will become the new stasis, and the cycle will begin anew. I’m curious to know what you think.”

I hadn’t heard that, thanks for sending it. As long as he lives Bielsa will be football’s conscience, and I agree with pretty much all of it. That said, the sport is so inherently wonderful that even decades of avarice and cynicism haven’t ruined it. Yet.

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