Football Daily | Ben White and a club v country row that has reared its ugly head again

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The club v country row has come a long way. In the 1990s it only generated headlines when Alex Ferguson withdrew his entire first-team squad, the under-14s and the canteen staff from the upcoming international break. Now it involves something a little more sinister. Ben White, a man who had the effrontery to be born with the name of the predominant colour in the St George’s Cross flag, has declined the opportunity to sit around watching other people play for England. Worse still, he has done so in this of all weeks, when the ink isn’t even dry on that Photoshop.

I can’t see why anyone would have misgivings about the complexity of next season’s Big Cup draw (yesterday’s Football Daily). We have the perfect solution to any draw requirements. I refer, of course, to the splendid performance of the throughly refreshed Rod Stewart selecting one half of the teams in the Scottish Cup 2016-17 fifth round draw. I’m sure Rod could choose any number of teams at one time if Uefa so requires. But please, do not let us have Alan Stubbs, sober and suited, doing the other teams: he fell in to the classic trap of being uncertain about whether he’d drawn No 6 or No 9” – Ken Muir.

Well said, Russell Pulford (yesterday’s Football Daily letters), but you know, you could watch the Irish league for nowt on the BBC, and hear the great David Jeffrey wax lyrical over some exciting, honestly and passionately played games. And then just go to the nearest club you can find and, for a couple of quid, watch … say, that epic Golcar United v Emley semi-final which went to 13 penalties. Elite football fans are just like those goons who go to F1 in Ferrari baseball hats and admire the technical excellence of gearboxes from afar. Have some fun. It’s the best game in the world” – Jon Millard.

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